13 – 16 October 2016

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16 October Macedonian National Theatre, 20:00


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TIM DAHL electric bass, electronics

SHAYNA DUNKELMAN drums & percussions

Pulverize the Sound is a trio formed by the intensely collaborative, hybridized, prolific scene of NYC experimentalists: Peter Evans on trumpet, Tim Dahl on electric bass/electronics and Shayna Dunkelman on drums and percussion. All three members have collaborated with a huge variety of musicians in all kinds of genres, including Lydia Lunch, Evan Parker, Child Abuse, Archie Shepp, Xiu Xiu, Craig Taborn, Weasel Walter and Mick Barr. Since 2010 the trio has been working towards a relentlessly experimental approach to composition, improvisation and timbre, playing sprawling hyper-modernist notated pieces written and arranged by all three members. The music sits well outside of any recognizable genre, and includes but is not limited to dense, precisely executed scores, harsh walls of sound, silence and improvisation and repetitive loops. Pulverize the Sound have formed an aesthetic divorced from the usual practical considerations of a band remarkable even for its three members. The band achieved attention grabbing display by playing music that is extreme in just about every way imaginable: speed, volume, timbre and collective thrust are pushed over the edge and into the unknown. Their self-titled challenging and groundbreaking debut was issued in 2015 by the label “Relative Pitch”. The group practices and performs regularly and appeared constantly on bills at lamented Brooklyn clubs such as Zebulon and Death by Audio, in addition to performances at major festivals throughout the world.