13 – 16 October 2016

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16 October Macedonian National Theatre, 22:00


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THOMAS DE POURQUERY direction, alto & soprano saxophones, vocal, theremin, melodica, percussions

LAURENT BARDAINNE saxophones, percussions, vocals

FABRICE MARTINEZ trumpet, fugglehorn, tuba, percussions, vocals

ARNAUD ROULIN keyboards, vocals

FREDERICK GALIAY bass, electronics, vocals

EDWARD PERRAUD drums, percussions, electronics, vocal

Award-winning French saxophonist and vocalist Thomas de Pourquery is known for his work as a leader in a quintet with trombonist Daniel Zimmermann and as singer of the rock band Rigolus. For years Thomas de Pourquery has been translating Sun Ra’s music to the present. In 2012 he created the sextet Supersonic, an unprecedented encounter of six musicians coming from diverse and rich backgrounds and styles to revisit the sublime repertoire of Sun Ra. Although these musicians evolved through contemporary music, rock, electro and drum and bass, they are above all great jazz players who share the love of trance, melody and improvisation. It is the essence of the music played by this band. Supersonic brings together songs that have a universal dimension that speaks to everyone. Far from tribute or imitation, the band’s music tells their unique story through this fabulously idiosyncratic material of the masterful band leader from Chicago, who claimed to have come from Saturn. It is the story of six Supersonic musicians, led by this most enigmatic of creative artists from today’s French music scene. The devotion, perfection and jubilation with which the Supersonic revisit the sublime and mystical legacy of Sun Ra has taken France by storm and earned the band the “Jazz Album of the Year Award”.