18 – 21 October 2018

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21 October Macedonian Opera and Ballet, 20:00 MOB, 20:00

TONI KITANOVSKI: 30 years in music

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30 years in music


Toni Kitanovski guitar

Trajce Velkov trumpet

Kiril Kuzmanov alto saxophone

Kiril Tufekcievski bass

Viktor Filipovski drums


Toni Kitanovski guitar

Jon Sass tuba

Asan Rashid trumpet

Dave Wilson saxophones

Vasil Hadzimanov piano

Piero Epifania Osambela cajon

Toni Kitanovski is hard to be described in few lines. This is due to his vastly versatile and substantial musical opus. He has toured with his jazz and world music projects, recorded and produced number of albums, written scores for feature films, documentaries, contemporary dance, symphonic and large jazz orchestras. His collaborators are hip-hop DJs, Congolese musicians, Gypsy brass bands… He likes to think of himself as composer who plays the guitar and his first love has always been jazz. Dragan Gjakonovski-Shpato was his first and most influential mentor. It was in his house that he heard an old recording by guitarist Barney Kessell. From that moment until now he felt that he has no other choice but to be musician. In the nineties he lived and studied in Boston at Berklee College of Music. It wasn’t in his character to be told how to play guitar so he picked up composition in order to advance his performance. Homecoming ten years later was marked by series of albums for SJF Record Label and ENJA/Yellowbird Records from Munich. “Big City Scare” is Toni’s latest album collaboration. It’s a quintet called Panda 5 that features finest young Macedonian jazz players on their respective instruments.Second half of the concert brings on stage a number of Toni’s musical friends. You might need to put on your dancing shoes!