18 – 21 October 2018

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19 October Macedonian Opera and Ballet, 22:00 MOB, 22:00


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BRANDON ROSS guitar, banjo, vocals

MELVIN GIBBS electric bass

J.T. LEWIS drums

Harriet Tubman formed in 1998 when the three musicians came together to start a band with meaning. Named after the heroic African-American slave who risked her life to escape from slavery and help more than 300 others to do the same, Harriet Tubman is deeply inspired by the ideals of freedom. The trio’s music - a fusion of soul, rock, jazz, and blues - examines the depths of these genres for their own unique liberated musical expression. The band counts Jimi Hendrix, Ornette Coleman and Parliament-Funkadelic as contributors to its musical DNA. Guitarist and singer Brandon Ross, bassist Melvin Gibbs and drummer JT Lewis have collaborated with artists as diverse as Cassandra Wilson, Living Colour, Lou Reed, Herbie Hancock, Henry Threadgill, Sting, Arrested Development, The Rollins Band, David Murray, Tony Williams, Don Pullen, Tina Turner, James Blood Ulmer, Oliver Lake, Muhal Richard Abrams, Aretha Franklin, Butch Morris and many others. Their own sound is pure and liberated musical expression - a deep and soulful meditation on the concept of freedom, allowing the audience to experience the music free from distracting labels of style or genre. The band’s fourth album, the outstanding “Araminta”, has become one of the most celebrated releases of 2017.