13 - 16 October 2022

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13 October MKC, 23:00 MKC, 23:00

ZULU 3.4

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Zulu 3.4 is a contemporary instrumental trio from Skopje that includes Damjan Danevski (drums), Martin Dzorlev (keyboards) and Mario Simonovski (guitar) - young, well-educated, exceptionally talented musicians with many years of experience and a serious professional approach. Formed in March 2018 by Damjan Danevski, they were guided by the idea of creating a unique sound and bringing freshness to the local music scene and beyond through the fusion of different styles and using modern technology. The name of the band is inspired by the radio-amateur code for Macedonia, which Damjan met from an early age as his father was a long-time radio-amateur, so radio-amateurism is one of the most important motifs used through all their work. Discography of the band includes three albums. The name of their debut is "FM to AM", released in 2019. Their sophomore album "Expandability" followed in March 2020, celebrated with a concert performance that was final before the pandemic cancelled live music. Last year they revealed their third record "Fragments". Zulu 3.4's music draws inspiration from a wide range of influences, from the distinctly melodic side of Chicago post-rock to some modern jazz and not only jazz fusions, mixtures and crossovers.