19 - 22 October 2023

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About Skopje Jazz Festival

Skopje Jazz Festival is a non-governmental, non-profit organization in the field of culture from Skopje, North Macedonia. The main activities of the organization are focused on three projects:

Skopje Jazz Festival

Skopje Jazz Festival is one of the leading music events in the Republic of Macedonia with tradition of 42 years. The festival enjoys excellent reputation in Europe and the world. The Festival was established in 1982. So far, the line-up has included all jazz styles and performances by the most famous American and European jazz artists, representatives of Latin-American and African music, as well as the best Macedonian jazz musicians. Skopje Jazz Festival is a member of Europe Jazz Network.


Besides the Jazz Festival, a second Festival is organized in the last twenty-two consecutive years. The Festival is called OFFest and it happens in late May / early June period. OFFest presents a variety of music from all continents, focusing on different categories of world music: traditional, ethno, folk, roots, to urban, as well as contemporary and experimental music styles. A lot of renowned artist from all over the world performed throughout OFFest's history. OFFest is a member of Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals (FWMF).

SJF Records

A division of Skopje Jazz Festival, SJF Records, is a record label, originally initiated with the aim of giving a support to newcoming and talented jazz and world music artists from Macedonia in producing and releasing their work. SJF Records has to date released 49 CD’s of music by: Toni Kitanovski, Zoran Madzirov, Oscar Salas, Georgi Sareski, Duke Bojadziev, Sethstat, Project Zlust, Letecki Pekinezeri, DD Synthesis, Foltin, Baklava, Saso Popovski, Next to Silence, Dobrila & Dorian Duo, Pijan Slavej etc.